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          HASHEDIN Placements (2021 March):    Congratulations :    K.Varun  ***   A.V.Rishmita  ***   B.Lavanyabai  ***   Shivani silvery  ***   K.TARUN  ***   SRUJANA  ***   SAI MAHESH  ***         AWS Placements (2021 Jan/Feb):    Congratulations :    SHREYA WALIA  ***   LOKESH  ***   PRATHEEK  ***         CISCO Apprenticeship and Placement Drive: 2020 - 2021.  Congratulations :    ABHISHEK BHANDWALKAR  ***   ALEKYA KAVERIGARU  ***   SAHITI KAPILAVAI  ***   SUGANDHA PADULLAPARTI  ***       Instructor Excellence Awards (2019): Professor & Instructor Dr.G.S.BapiRaju received - "Expert Level Instructor" and Asst. professor & Instructor P.Bharathi received - "Advanced level Instructor" from CISCO Networking Academy.    

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    • Palo Alto Networks - July 2021
    • AWS Machine Learning Foundations - Aug/Sep 2021
    • VMWare - Oct/Nov 2021
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